Our Academics


Our Unique Curriculum
- Child-centered Curriculum
- Main focus areas, Happy Children, Speak English as a Native, Physically Strong and Excellent      Critical Thinking & Creativity  
- British National Curriculum along with Play based and practical learning opportunities
- All English subjects till age 4 to ensure children communicates in English with confidence 
- Chinese and Thai After school program
British EYFS for 2 year to 5 year olds
We offer British Early Years Foundation Stage for age 2 years to 5 year olds. We also incorporate play based indoor and outdoor learning comprising of Montessori, Gardening, Cooking, Swimming and other activity based learning. Phonics and Phonemic Awareness programs are incorporated in the curriculum to help children read by the age of 4.
British National Curriculum for ages 5 and above
For Ages 5 and above we offer the British National Curriculum as the core curriculum supported by the play based and research based learning. Children are also taught to read and write basic Thai starting age 4.
Please check the parents resources section for more details about the British EYFS, British National Curriculum, Cambridge Certifications and other information which may be helpful.

Kindergarten Programs

Currently, we are offering the below programs:
Toddler ( Age 2 to 3-year-olds)
Adult to Child Ratio - 1 adult: 6 Children
Our Toddler program follows the British EYFS guidelines, the main focus is on communication and language development, phonics and phonemic awareness, fine motor and gross motor development, social and emotional development. Additionally, children spend one class per day learning the Montessori way.
Early Years 1 (Age 3 to 4-year-olds)
Adult to Child Ratio - 1 adult: 6 Children
Our EY1 students follow the British EYFS syllabus comprising of Communication and Language, Physical Development, Social and Emotional Development, Reading and Writing, Science, Mathematics, expressive arts, and design.
Our Nursery students are able to read simple sentences by the second term using phonics.
A lot of focus is also paid on the students physical development by incorporating Swimming, outdoor play, and gardening.
Montessori way of learning helps the children develop critical thinking and life skills.
Early Years 2 (Age 4 to 5-year-olds)
Adult to Child Ratio - 1 adult: 8 Children
This is the last stage of British EYFS. Our curriculum follows the Seven learning areas of British EYFS.
Children continue to improve their Reading and Writing skills in English. We also introduce children to Thai language starting age 4, this is to ensure the children can read and write in Thai. 
Year 1 (Age 5 to 6-year-olds)
Adult to Child Ratio - 1 teacher: 12 Children, support staff as required 
Year 1 is very important as the children are getting ready for Primary School. Following the British National Curriculum, we ensure the Children are prepared to join any Primary School.
Based on the requests from parents we put a clear emphasis on the development of English Communication and Literacy Skills, Mathematics, Social Skills, Science and Thai Language.